An evening at Nonna’s

Another day another meal. Since I stopped working in Leeds I have to admit I realised I didn’t know my city very well. When a friend and I decided to have a catch-up we chose to dine at Nonna’s on Ecclesall road.  It’s a busy place on a Friday so best to pre-book a table.

We skipped starters and decided to go for our mains, I chose the risotto with mushroom and ofcourse ordered my apple and strawberry mocktail, it happened to be one of the best I have tasted in Sheffield.  I would usually go for really spicy food, i’m one of those who will choose the spiciest thing on the menu. It was a nice dish, i’d probably like to try something else next time.

The main part for me was the desserts, I also have a very sweet tooth. I chose to have the chocolate cake with ice-cream, it was divine.

The overall atmosphere was a busy Friday but nice enough to go out with your friends.


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