An experience at Angelica

I’ve been to Angelica a few times now in Leeds but not wrote a full review yet. So here goes! I came to see one of my good friends before she began her shift at work and decided to go for a late lunch. I’ve only been to Angelica during the week when it is quieter than say a weekend. 

My favourite thing about this place has to be their mocktails. You’ll know by now that I love mocktails and the strawberry cheesecake is amazing. I decided to eat the potatoes and mushrooms but had no room for dessert purely because the mocktail was sweet enough. I’ve previously had fries and the strawberry cheesecake so I feel like that balances it all out? 

 Next time I’ll probably go for a full on meal but this time I could only fit so much in. My friend had already eaten (I said we were meeting for coffee, but then got hungry) so she just had dessert. It’s a great place to eat and I would love to go again during the summer (the wait begins) and enjoy the view from outside. 

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