Caracas in Leeds

Did anyone else hear the rain? Well if you live in the UK then you will be aware of storm Barney taking over. Most people would just stay at home but I chose to eat out in Leeds (notice a pattern). I was due a catch up with friends and food always makes things better. Now I am currently trying out new places in Leeds seen as there is a new restaurant every week.

We chose Caracus which you will find located on the corner of the city centre. My gut instinct was it looks colourful and excited so why not give it a go. As I can only eat halal meat I was left with the vegeterian option. The waiter was kind enough to give me some tasters as you can see below. We all ordered our mains and I have to say it was quite different to anything else I have tried.  

You guys a ready know how much I love. Mocktails, there was only one option to choose from. It was delicious and I could have had another but knew it would ruin my appetite. We were so full from our mains that we skipped desserts. Overall I’d say this is a great place for meat lovers and nice to go during the week for a catch up.

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