Pinche Pinche review

I’ve had a lot of catch ups lately, but there’s always room for more. When I first started working in Leeds there was a Mexican restaurant I fell in love with. Pinche Pinche can be found in Chapel Allerton, it’s been a few years since I last went there and heard the menu had changed. My friend suggested we should fine there for old times sake, would I say no to good food? No! 

We began our evening at Kith and Kin for some Mocktails as the restaurant opens at 5 and let’s just say we were a bit early. 

I couldn’t contain my excitement and it reminded me of the days when I first started working in Leeds. I had some good times there and it was lovely to be back. 


 I ordered the vegetarian platter and a soft drink and we shared some sweet potato fries, my friend chose the chicken burrito.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this meal, it’s my favourite restaurant in Leeds and the food is amazing. If you are ever around you have to try it. I was too full for desserts but maybe next time?

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