Carluccios restaurant review

I had a few months where I was really stressed about things this year. But you come out of the storm stronger and wiser. Things were finally looking up so I decided to meet up with two of my friends from my old work place. We decided to try out Carluccios on Ecclessal road in Sheffield. I haven’t come across that many restaurants I like so if you know of any let me know!

We began by ordering drinks, mine was a Mocktail of course and for starters I had fried mushrooms. My friends ordered starters I couldn’t actually have so I can’t comment on those.   

For the main course I decided to go for ravioli, it was nice but I usually like my food spicy (yes I know i’ll just pick somewhere that caters that type of food).

 I’m not one to say no to desserts so I chose to have the sundae caramel ice-cream.  

It was a lovely dessert which I would recommend. The overall layout of the restaurant is spacious so you don’t feel crowded like some other places. I enjoyed my time at Carluccios.

Have you been before?

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