Goodbye 2015

I began this year stressed and I’m happy to say I’m finishing it stronger. This year has been one long journey I’ve learnt so much from my experience and there have been some tough times. There was a point mid-year where I thought I had finally found my feet and was happy(ish). Little did I know my life would turn around and i’d have to make some difficult decisions.

I’ll blog about it more when I’m ready but if I can say anything it would be never give up, you may feel like you’ll be in a storm forever but you won’t! Whatever and whoever is taken away from you is being replaced with something much better. 

My highlight has to be the fact that I kept up my travel ambitions and travelled to China and Japan (alone again). It was amazing and taught me so much about the big world out there. You can make friends with people across the world and still stay in touch, sometimes they have more things in common with you.

Never take anything or anyone for granted, I guess we become so focused on what’s wrong with life we can forget what really matters. Sometimes, I’m the worst for it, if everything certain things aren’t perfect then it must all be wrong. Another thing I have to point out is social media, I’ll write about this more but ever find yourself comparing yourself to other? Me too. 

Not everyone will be part of your goals or understand and for that matter you have to take some journeys alone. 

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