The Alchemist Greek St

Well you may have already heard about the new Alchemist on Greek street in Leeds. When I first heard about it I was keen to pay a visit. I planned to visit my friend in Leeds and off we went on a busy Saturday evening, we managed to book a table for two. 


It was busy, but I didn’t expect anything else but it’s spacious which makes it better than most places. We ordered Mocktails, a personal favourite of mine is the mango shake and the bubble gum drink. 

We looked at each other and by default said we will be getting starters, I chose the nachos with jalepenos. They were so tasty, but there was room for a main. The fajitas have always been something that I chose due to dietary requirements, but this menu has many options for people who can only have the vegetarian option. 

A vegetarian bean wrap it is! With fries of course and some sweet chilli sauce (they didn’t have anything hotter). Well that was it we were full and ordered some more Mocktails but there was no room for desserts! 

I really enjoyed my experience at The Alchemist and will be visiting very very soon. 

Have you tried it yet? 

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