New Year in Portugal 2016

We flew from the airport for a flight that lasted for 2 hours and 50 minutes. I’ve never flown with Ryan Air so I didn’t realise that you don’t have any entertainment or food! Luckily I ate beforehand but the journey was boring.

DSCN2691 DSCN2694

The joys of entering a new country hit me and instead of choosing public transport I did the whole ‘I’ll just get in a taxi.’ We arrived at the hotel and decided to go out for food (pizza which we couldn’t finish).

Then it was time to prepare for a long day. The next morning we decided to head out to see where we would need to be for the fireworks. In Lisbon the main event is held near a river and it’s a free party. I tried to charge my phone at the hotel but the lady didn’t plug it in properly so I didn’t have a phone for most of the day.

DSCN2850 DSCN2854 DSCN2853 DSCN2697

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We then made our way to Belem which was a long tram ride. The views were therapeutic and so peaceful. Obviously because of the long day ahead we decided to grab some food (carbs, carbs and more carbs). The journey began to make our way back to the hotel and “rest”. We got lost and ended up getting a taxi but we were only in it for 5 minutes.

DSCN2856 DSCN2865

DSCN2879 DSCN2881 DSCN2895 DSCN2900 DSCN2939 DSCN2947 DSCN2977 DSCN2982 DSCN3039 DSCN3041 DSCN3044 DSCN3048

It was time, 9pm and we were ready to make our way to the main event. We used the metro twice and walked along to find food. It was busy, we sat down at a restaurant for 45 minutes but ended up leaving after an orange juice and some water because of the delay. We didn’t want to miss the fireworks so made our way to the main stage.

DSCN3063 DSCN3066 DSCN3069 DSCN3071

There were a few Portugese musicians who were playing and ended up stopping 5 minutes prior to 2016. They announced on the live screen that there was a minute remaining. “Quatre, tres, deux, uno” it happened 2016 came with a spectacular fireworks display.

After the display getting back to the hotel was a nightmare, it took about 2 and a half hours to get back by foot! We eventually made it and slept like babies. The next morning we had time for breakfast but left out anymore adventures and made our way to the hotel.

 What a lovely way to spend New Year’s Eve and day. I’m glad to be making my way through the bucket list and experiencing new countries. How about you, how did you spend the end of 2015!

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