The joys of social media

Ever compare yourself to what others are doing on social media? I do and I know many who think they aren’t doing enough because of the peer pressure we are under. You have to have the perfect job, relationships, house, car, holidays and go out a lot. But do you? I mean there’s the whole stigma around if you don’t have it all then you’re a failure and why many give up in their lives. Like they think  why bother trying.

It’s taken a long time and I’m still not there but I’ve had moments where I’ve thought wow I should be doing this, or wait no I need to do this now! The truth is we compare ourselves to other people’s show reels, the 5 minutes you are allowed to see is not that persons reality. You only get to see what people choose to show. Most people have painted a fantasy life and aren’t living it up as much as people seem.

Social media is great when it’s used to impact people not impress them. There’s so much happening in the world right now and I think it can bring us together rather than break us!

So the next time you’re feeling down about not having it all, just remember the happiest people just make the most of what they have. Better days are coming!

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