Akbars restaurant review

You may have heard of the franchise name “Akbars” the restaurant in many places around the UK. We now have one in Sheffield city centre. If you love Asian cuisine then it’s a place to visit.

I’ve visited a few times which gives me every reason to write a review. It’s quite a dark yet classy atmosphere with really cool lighting. For those who love a good curry you can choose from mild, medium and hot. I’ll always choose the spiciest dish but usually the only one from my friends who does. So if you are in a group one dish serves around two people.

I chose the chicken nimbali for a starter. It’s one of my favourite things to have at Akbars.  It’s a combination of a creamy layer of cheese mixed with chicken and vegetables. It can be quite filling, so it’s better to build up your appetite.


Once I had finished off my starter,  I moved on to ordering my main meal, chicken tikka masala. It happens to be my favourite curry and I always have to order it. The spicier the better in my eyes.  I highly recommend trying out the chicken tikka, but always ask the waiter if you are unsure about the spiciness.

Chicken T

It was time for dessert, it took me around five seconds to decide what I want, no messing around. The chocolate fudge cake with ice-cream it was to end the evening. The only thing I would say is if you are not on a long table then the seating is quite cramped.


Take a look at the menu here: http://www.akbars.co.uk/sheffield

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