Bundobust street food review

It’s been a while since I have seen a few of my close friends and they all live 40 minutes away from me. We decided we would get together one Wednesday evening. The fact that we are so busy means we see less of each other. When I was working in Leeds I was able to catch-up more with my friends.

Anyway, we decided to see what the rave was about and try the street food hype. On a busy weekday we ordered four mocktails, mine was a mango and pineapple one (highly recommend this). I chose two dishes, one was a the paneer and salad and the rice balls.  I would say the paneer was something I can go for again, the rice balls made me feel too full.

 The atmosphere is nice and i’d love to go on a day it’s not heaving. How about you have you tried any street food lately?


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