International Day of Happiness 

Happiness. How do we define it and what’s makes us happy?

I can’t speak for everyone but being happy is often considered the ultimate goal. Which ironically makes people unhappy by trying to be happy. There are lists which I look back at that I created to define what would make me happy. They were more like personal goals and improvements but also positives. If I look back to connect the dots are they making me happy right now at this very moment?

I’ve allowed myself sometimes to believe I had to compare myself to others, and if you’re not doing what they are doing you’re a failure. Sometimes you just have to let things be and focus on the good.

Today I am happy about the following:

1. I have an amazing family and circle of friends.

2. Independence is something I have gained by travelling alone.

3. I have continued to write my blog even though I thought it would last a month. So thank you to everyone who reads it.

4. Focusing my efforts on experience and learning rather than materialism (even though the odd splurge here and there happens).

5. There was a time where I struggled to see the positive things in life. Today I am happy sitting alone in a park and reflecting.

Happy International Day of Happiness 🙂

(Keep smiling)

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