Every time I look at my calendar a bit of nervousness kicks in. Really we are about to hit April? I’ll be another year older soon. Uh oh! How’s it going everyone? A question I’m often asked and I don’t have the answer to. I’ve not been keeping up with the gym as much and have to say my poor diet is very poor!

I try to keep my blog honest but not too personal, because despite having a blog I am a private person. So now having put things into perspective I’m ready to write about some of my experiences.

Last year I began working closer to home and couldn’t be happier I no longer had to commute. But then I was made redundant, everything felt gloomy. I had an expensive trip to China and Japan booked which made it harder to look forward to. What next, I thought and why me?

I created a spreadsheet with lists of companies and wrote to everyone in my network. Was it an experience? Hell yeah, but it showed me that nothing lasts forever and even though it hurt you can keep going. I did take it quite personally to start with but I suppose these things happen and it is up to us to make the most of what happens to us.

So if I have learned anything , never give up! I’ve kept this post quite short but if you ever need any help on how to deal with redundancy let me know, or if you want me to write something a bit more in-depth I will.

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