Hair Chalk Spray Review

You may have noticed I have the odd hair post, mainly because I have long hair and always get bored of it. I would love to dye it but that would mean major damage. Anyway, I went through a phase of wanting to use hair chalk everyday. The only thing is it didn’t really show up on my hair!

I was browsing Superdrug and came across ‘Hair Chalk Spray’, I have to say when I tried and tested it- it actually worked. If you have dark/black hair the I would recommend this product.

All you have to do is spray directly onto your hair (cover you clothes with a bag and close your eyes). Below are some pictures of me experimenting with hair chalk spray. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend if you have black hair is the Pixie Lott spray paint, I was really looking forward to using the grey one, but it didn’t work at all *disappointed face*.



Let me know if you have tried hair chalk at all, especially if you have dark hair i’d love to know =)


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