Booked up

Right well here goes I’ve booked the essentials of my trip accommodation and flights. All there is left to do are bits and bobs. I have to admit if you asked me at the start of the year where I would be and whether or not I would actually be doing this then I would have laughed. It’s not been an easy year, most of it has involved me forcing myself to go out and have fun and try to have a social life.

It’s been a learning curb and I cannot wait to continue writing about my travels.  It wasn’t long ago when I wrote about my goal ‘30 before 30′  and I was debating whether or not I would actually be able to achieve this goal. I’m on 11 countries and after my travels will make it to 22. That will then leave 4 years and 8 countries. I really hope this is doable, and I already know where I want to go next year, Canada and South Africa and finish off with Europe. Eeeek I really can’t wait to make this all happen and see it come to place.

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