I want to cry…travel stress

So here goes, I need to rant…here are the things that are stressing me out. I looked on to Amazon this morning and it says my GoPro is expected to arrive on September 8th…the 8th? I fly out on the 2nd and ordered it two weeks ago. I have also stressed myself out enough about New Zealand and maybe not starting off at the right place. My trip seems a little muddled and all over the place at the moment. I want to visit Tongariro Crossing, and feel like I will have to find a way as i’m not leaving until I see it. Arrrggghhhh why did I not think this through?

My solutions so far are, I will order another GoPro and will have to sell the other one when I return. Looks like the credit card may be coming out for an extension on my trip. Maybe this is all going to be ok? Or I will just be pulling my hair out.


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