Fly boarding I can still taste the water

As it comes to my last day in Dubai there is one thing I really wanted to tick of my bucket list on this trip, fly boarding. Now the adrenaline junkie that I am I didn’t want to leave without doing this. So yeah, you can’t really get the metro to the beaches so I had to get a taxi. I changed my mind three times on where I wanted to go and just went with what was closest (hey I’m not made of money). 

I arrived and I couldn’t even walk on the sand as it burnt my feet. I put them back on and walked over to the water adventures. I saw it on a sign ‘fly board’ my eyes lit up and I ran and decided to book it. I can’t swim nor am I water confident but they all said I would be fine. 

I had to wait around a couple of hours but then my turn arrived. I was on my way to doing something I have dreamt of for years. They gave me instructions and I trusted the driver with not dropping my phone. 

I have to say this was an amazing experience but I wish I knew how to swim as I didn’t enjoy being thrown into the water. As I finish this post I am still waiting for my clothes to dry, I have used the hair dryer to speed things up. I’m leaving for the airport soon. 

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