My Seoul got me

As I arrived in Seoul I felt tired and ready to go straight to bed. I left my travel pillow on the plane and couldn’t exchange all my money. 

When I got to the metro station it felt like forever getting to my destination I think it was like 4 hours after landing. Once I made it I was ready to shower and sleep and didn’t think I would enjoy Seoul. 

The next day I woke up and wanted to see Seoul Tower. I headed for the metro and got off at the relevant station to find somewhere to exchange currency. I was at unease as on my last day in Dubai it said 0.00 balance available but my money was availabile online. What if I have to come home early? I thought to myself. Fortunately the atm worked so I continued my journey. 

When I went to the top of Seoul Tower I didn’t expect it to be so small. I did just visit Burj Khalifa so maybe not as appreciatiative. However, it’s beautiful in its own way. It was 12pm I realised it would have been great to see this at sunset and found the one place I wanted to take a picture. The reason I came to Seoul was because of the beautiful skylines I have ever seen. I have 7 hours to wait so decided to use the cable car and explore the city. 

Then the time arrived I sat down and waited until sunset and made sure I took as many pictures as possible. 

I would highly recommend this an the view is just insane. 

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