Visiting North Korea DMZ

I really wanted to take on a full tour visiting North Korea, but as you have to go to China I decided to just visit the border. It was a 9am start which meant I had to get breakfast from a random convenience store. I had an hours worth of wait and finally the guide arrived and registered my name. You have to bring your passports for the checkpoints otherwise they won’t let you go. 

We began by visiting the observatory deck where you have a clear view of North Korea. There’s a certain feeling of hostility as you can imagine. Throughout the tour you have to stick with your tour guide due to how strict it is. There is also the Freedom Bridge where people crossed the border and cried “I am free”. 

Our next stop was food, as I put my vegetarian cap on I had rice and vegetables. There were some interesting people on the tour, a guy from Holland who told me he has 42 days annual leave (I nearly fell off my chair) and a retired Irish man who made me laugh so much. 

Once we finished our meal we then headed on to the border, there are only two opportunities to take pictures here and you have to be escorted by a guard. 

This tour is a must if you visit Seoul, the guide was really helpful and informative.

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