72 hours in Hong Kong

24 hours

On my first day I went straight to my accommodation. From the airport there are a number of ways to get into the city. I chose the A21 bus which took 1 1/2 hours to get to Tsim Tsui. You can buy a ticket prior to boarding from the counter, if you are paying cash you have to have the correct amount as they have no change on the buses. 

After I checked in I decided to eat and then explore Victoria Harbour and watch the sunset. This is the perfect spot to catch the skyline view and there is a light show everyday from 8pm.

48 hours

The next day I chose to go to Victoria Peak and take a look at the scenic view of Hong Kong. I took the metro to central station and then walked to the Peak Tram. The queues can last for about 2 hours so be aware of that. 

Once I got to the top o realised you could only visit once. It was 1pm and the sunsets at 6.30pm. Guess who had a long wait at the top in the boiling hot and humid weather. 

It was worth it for the view though, just expect a mad rush and long queues on the  way back down. 

72 hours 

On my last full day I decided to wake up late, I fell asleep at 3am. Had a nice breakfast took my malaria tablet and off I went to explore. I felt like I had done everything I wanted and could in Hong Kong so this was just a nice relaxing day. I looked around the shops and city centre before heading off to the harbour one last time. 

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