Bring on Bangkok

So I entered Bangkok and took the metro and found my hotel ( I initially went to the wrong one, hey they had similar names). When I checked in I jamp on my bed. Finally a hotel, when backpacking it’s the small things that make you happy. 

I was so happy to be able to enjoy the luxury of a nice bed. I decided to do my laundry use the hotel gym and attemptto work off the French fries. 

I then went out to find some food. I walked up and down the streets of Bangkok and wherever I went it was either tuna based on contained meat I couldn’t have. I found one street food place which asked what I actually wanted, I told them my requirements and they said it wasn’t a problem so they made some vegetarian noodles for me with spices. It cost me 43p and I said I would return. 

The next morning I indulged on a proper breakfast I couldn’t be happier to get into some sort of a routine. I made my way to the Grand Palace, this is a must if you’re visiting Bangkok. It is 150 years old and has a lot of history to it. As a must see expect it to be crowded with lots of tourists. I then ventured out to have some actual Thai food. 


Once I had finished I made my way to MKB, this is where you can buy cheap clothes my friend. I’m not a big shopper but I ended up buying two dresses, some travel trousers, flip flops and even went and got some more. 

I then stumbled across a huge sign saying ‘Vegetarian Cuisine’ could it be, a whole menu dedicated to my travel dietary requirements? Yup, this is a great place to stop off if you’re feeling peckish. I was feeling flat out so ended going back to my hotel and relax. 

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