Thailand highlights 

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Indochina Encompassed your, mainly good stuff but was nervous before meeting the group. 
I met my tour guide and the people on the tour. There were 10 of us signed up for the tour and what a lovely bunch of people. 

So we hit the city of Bangkok as a team and made our way round the city. I decided that I was going to eat local food as I had been feeling a little sluggish. We went out the next morning to try out the local markets and visit the Reclining Buddah. 

Our group then ventured out to eat and we made our way back to the hotel to shower and make our way on to the sleeper train. I was dreading it. How do you sleep on a train? I’ve commuted for 4 years and not once have I successfully taken a nap. It’s quite a fun experience, the food isn’t too bad and the beds aren’t uncomfortable. I do recommend a sleeping mask and ear plugs as they don’t turn the lights off.

The next morning we made it to Chiang Mia and checked into our hotel. It rained so we didn’t go and see the elephants instead visited the largest temple in the city. We also tried the local fruit, do not I repeat do not taste Dorian. 

After that we made our way to the local markets and dined out. It was a great atmosphere. That wasn’t it though, we hiked our way to the top of a mountain to witness a magical sunset! 

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