24 hours along Mekong river 

Our next destination was all about Laos, we filled out our immigration forms and made our way to get our Laos visas. From the truck to the coach to the truck and back. We then settled on a boat, the journey would be split over two days both consisting of 12 hour journeys each. 

The boat is owned by a local Laos family who made it one of the most therapeutic journeys ever. We had homemade food and I was immersed in my book ‘Girl on the train’. 

We crossed the bridge and made it to the first hotel. It was amazing, we had to sleep with mosquito nets, but woke up and saw an elephant just casually roaming around. 

It was beautiful, we then went back on the boat. Just as we were getting ready to depart the little boy on the boat was moving the stick and it smacked me on my face. It was super painful and all I wanted to do is scream. I tried to forget about it and just lost myself in my book. 

We then went to see the caves in Laos, they were one of the most sacred caves where each year there is a ceremony with the Buddah. 

We then checked into the hotel and sorted our laundry out. 

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