Kayaking and Water Tubing 

So I decided I wanted to kayaking, I saw it on the itinerary when I first booked my trip and thought why not. There was also the option of water tubing in the package so I decided to go ahead with that too. I’d never heard of it but my oh my was this an experience.

You go inside the caves but are sitting in your little tube. They give you head torches to wear so you can actually see what’s going on. Once we finished from this we walked along and made our way to the kayak.

Let’s just say this is a great arm workout and is so much fun. We got off to a shaky start as we went down the other side of the river but eventually joined the rest of our group. The scenery was amazing and made me feel like I was part of a scene in ‘Lost’ (remember that show Disappointing ending)

After 45 minutes of kayaking or so we stopped off for lunch and had a mini break. Then it was another 45 minutes of making our way to the finishing point. I’d like to try this again once I become more water confident.

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