Angkor Wat Sunrise

The next morning it was time to head to Siem Reap. I was super excited but sad too as the tour was coming to an end. We stopped off for 5 minutes and had the option of trying tarantula, I only held it for a few seconds and then was ready for it to leave me. After another stop for lunch we made our way to the hotel. 

We decided to book a table for traditional Cambodian dancing. As a travelling veggie I didn’t think the food was great, but the dancers did a good job.

The next morning was what I had been waiting for, Ankgor Wat. The sunrise is meant to be spectacular and everyone who has ever showed me a picture has never regretted it. 4.30 am was our start but we weren’t sure whether or not we would go as it had been raining through the night. I knew if I missed this then I wouldn’t be happy at all. Luckily we made our way there and explored the temple for a few hours. Our tour guide had said we could do 5 temples or 3, by the first one we were all templed out. 

The highlight included the location where Tomb Raider was filmed (Go Laura Croft). 

If you ever come to Cambodia then this is a highlight you will never forget, trust me. 

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