How to survive a tour 

So you’ve booked a tour, 10 days or 30 what next? 

Before you book make sure you have a look at the itinerary to see it includes everything you want to see or gives you enough free time to explore alone. 

The longest tour I have done is 28 nights, that’s nearly a month of travelling with a bunch of strangers. I have heard people saying they got sick of being on a tour and often trapped. I did dread joining mine because I do love my own space. The group I was with luckily were a great bunch of people. But just how do you survive a long tour? 

As a solo traveller I had to share a room which was fine as I got on with my room mate, but not everyone does when they are sharing. If you do have issues with your roomie then let your tour guide know. 

Keep checking your itinerary on your travels and look at the optional activities. There were times when I broke away from the group because I wanted to do something different, and that’s fine because you have paid the same amount and deserve to enjoy yourself. 

Work out your own budget not everyone else’s. I was the only backpacker on my tour so I had to keep reminding myself that the $9 lunches and dinners would eventually add up, and they did. I just wish I had done a few more backpacker meals even if it meant dining alone. 

Get to know where the hotel/accommodation is, going out at the same time doesn’t mean you’ll all be returning at the same time. Also if you are sharing and you and your roommate are doing separate things ask for another key or leave it at reception. 

Make your dietary requirements clear from the start. Even if you fill out a form the chances are your CEO will forget. It’s also worth sharing snacks if you can. The amount of food I didn’t eat because of overloading and not being sure about where my next meal was going to come from made me spend more than I needed.  Always do the things you want to do and remember they may start as a bunch of strangers but end up becoming friends for life.

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