Broken backpack 

I want to cry, my backpack has pretty much fallen apart, in order to receive a refund I have to parcel it back. I honestly advise anyone backpacking to invest in a strong, reliable and honest company. Not one which allows the Zips to come off (several times). I am literally going to be so concerned about this that I have to take leisure time off from my trip to go on a hunt for a new rucksack. 

My hotel also charged me after my departure, even though it said paid and confirmed. Part of me wants to cry right now. Honestly I know it sounds like I’m being a drama queen but my gosh when you’re travelling your backpack is your home! I just wish I had thought about this a lot more before travelling, but oh well you live and you learn. I’m also a little ill (I know boohoooooo). 

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