Petronas Towers in Kualalumpur 

After making my way to the Petronas Towers there was a sign on the screen ‘all tickets for tonight are sold out’. I was not happy about this at all, I even pleased with the guy! I’m a solo traveller and explaining how I was just one person, his response was health and safety. 

So I made my way to eat and then booked tickets online for the following evening. I’d recommend booking ahead if you can because even when I went online they were nearly sold out again. 

The next morning I had to parcel my old backpack in order to receive a refund. Money was slipping away very quickly and it was making me nervous, especially as I want to extend my trip (I’ll leave that for another post). 

I then ate and went back to my accommodation. After a few hours I started to make my way to the towers, it’s such a stunning piece of architecture and looks amazing in the evening. When you enter please note you are not allowed to take Selfie Sticks (I nearly cried) or rucksacks. I had to rely on other people taking pictures of me *sigh*. 

You are escorted around the bridge to begin with, then moving on to the 86th floor. After the brief in and photo sessions you make your way back down to floor 83 then back out to exit. I usually like the freedom of roaming around but see this as more of a guided tour. 
Cost: £16 

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