The Fear of Flying 

Since I was young I’ve loved heights, I couldn’t wait to skydive when I was in school. I loved being on an aeroplane and watching the clouds and being away from everything. This meme pretty much sums it up…

However, I’ve had a few bad flights where I honestly thought I wouldn’t make it. So I have developed a little fear of flying, I’m fine flying it’s just turbulence. I’ll start watching the wing and making every little note of what’s happening. 

I read up on why people become anxious, I don’t like not being in control. I’m already claustrophobic and I think the idea of not being able to get out when I want has something to do with it. 
Things which help me are watching a movie if you have access. Writing, I tend to write blog posts when I’m flying, focus on breathing techniques and try and forget where you are. I’d love to hear about how you conquer flying, any tips? 

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