Bali Ubud to Lombok 

I made it to Ubud after 2 hours in the taxi (£26 I wanted to cry) there was no other way of getting to my destination unless I wanted to spend 4 hours roaming around at night. When I got to my homestay it was amazing. It’s like a little section of rooms and made me feel like £14 a night there was worth it. I even got free breakfast, pancakes and proper coffee with a selection of fresh fruit.

I then made my way to the airport to go to Lombok, the flight cost £17 it was delayed and for what I thought would be a breeze, it ended up being a flight full of turbulence, we were everywhere and nearly headed for the water. I was reading these prayers non-stop. Next time I’ll be relying on boats if I can help it.

Then I got onto a public bus for £2.80 and made my way to my next accommodation. I paid the bus driver an extra £1 to take right outside my hotel. My plan was to make my way out for dinner but the thunder and lightning but me off walking, so I *cough* ordered room service.

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