Gili Air

When I heard about the Gili Islands I couldn’t visit just one and not the other. So I decided to island hop and stay at each one.

From Lombok I took the slow boat to to Gili Air (£1.80). It takes around 30mins but you have to wait for 40 people to be on the boat. I then walked with my backpack in the boiling hot weather to my accommodation. There are no cars on this island so you either walk, cycle or take a horse cart (something I’m not too comfortable with).

I then arrived and had to wait half an hour for my room to be ready. I then tried to rest for a bit before heading out to explore. This island is for those who want to snorkel, scuba dive or sun bathe. I struggled with the heat but the people were lovely.

After an hour I went back out to watch this incredible sunset.

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