Gili Meno 

I woke up early morning, had my breakfast and off I went to catch the slow boat to Gili Meno. They run twice a day, 8.30am or 3.30pm. I wanted to make the most of my time there so I went for the morning departure. It took 15 minutes to get to Gili Meno and I walked down to my accommodation. 

I was early and the check in time was 2pm, leaving 5 hours of sunbathing and sitting by the pool. I know right? Hard life.

Once my “room” was ready I made my way there. It was more of a hut, an outdoor bed with a mosquito net around it. I’ll let you decide. Ironically it was the last day of my malaria tablets and tonight I would be sleeping inside a mosquito net. 

I then ventured out and had something to eat and watched the sunset. 

It’s a beautiful island and so easy to get to. It wasn’t full of tourists as expected which made it more great.

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