Sunrise Trek to Mount Batur

When looking at things to do in Bali, the sunrise trek looked like a popular chose. Edders and I researched the mountains and the only one which looked suitable was Mount Batur. 

After my time at the Gili Islands I returned back to Ubud and enjoyed a nice meal and then went to sleep. I would be picked up around 2am so set my alarm for 1am. I was super tired as I fell asleep at 11.30pm so rolled out of bed. All I could hear outside was a group of dogs howling at each other, some looked aggressive so I waited behind the gates. 

I got picked up at around 2.30am and there were three others in the car. You can follow Denise and Shane get on a plane here. We got to the camp and met our tour guide who was only 19. He said it would be a 2 hour trek and off we went. The flash lights were on and we began our trek. We could see the Milky Way and Galaxy. It was my first time seeing them and I couldn’t believe it. 
About 1 hour after I just wanted it to end, having no fitness level anymore and only working out once in the past 3 months my legs were hurting, I was tired. The mountain became steeper and I just had to keep thinking about where I was going and that it would be worth it. 

We then continued and made it, I could see the sun peaking. It was nearly time so we got to the top and it was breath taking. Layers of clouds, and a view to drool over it was insane. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We were above the clouds and actually this made my whole trip worth it. 

We enjoyed our breakfast and then made our way back down. You could see the crater and we saw the friendly monkeys. 

It was then time for the coffee plantation tour and then we made our way home. It felt like the day was over and that I could just sleep forever. When I returned at my homestay they made breakfast for me even though it was 11.30am and breakfast ended at 10am I was so happy. If you are thinking of trekking Mount Batur do the sunrise trek. It was a mental and physical challenge but made my whole trip worth it. 

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