Staying in Christchurch 

So I made my way to the bus stop to catch my bus to the airport. I was looking forward to moving on to Christchurch. As I got on the aeroplane I managed to witness some stunning views. It was all good.

Then I got off the plane and heard someone say “I know, it’s scary right.” It was election night, it couldn’t be happening. He was winning. I got on the bus and then made my way to the accommodation. There was also a couple who were staying at the same AirBnb place and we decided to watch the election results together. We were shocked and disappointed. I hope the world will find peace one day.

Anyway, the next morning as they had hired a car I was invited to travel with them. We managed to see Christchurch within an hour.

Then we hit the beach and watched the sunset. I’m glad I made friends to travel with as it made it more enjoyable. I think I would have been a bit bored alone.

We then ventured out to the museums the next morning and ate lunch at Cafe Espresso One. This is a really cool place as the fries are sent from a tube and delivered to your table. We then got the Nachos for take out (dinner sorted) and went back home.

That was it the next day I would be leaving for my next journey.

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