Exploring the South Island of New Zealand 

We woke up to make our way to Dunedin. It’s a small town with streets similar to England. I honestly didn’t feel like I could get homesick here.

It was then time to have some fries near the coast and check out the beach.

It was then time to “race” at the steepest street in the world. This was super tiring.

We then made our way to the hotel and had a little walk around. Myself and two other backpackers were on a budget so decided to skip the fancy meal and go to the supermarket.

As we slept one of the girls was woken up by her partner, he was calling to see if she was ok. It was 1am and it was all over the news, there was an earthquake near Christchurch. We were all messaging friends and family to let them know luckily we were safe. This was a scary moment but after breakfast we were assured that it would be OK. My concern was I had friends there and I would also be returning in a few days. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives.

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