Heading into Queenstown

We made our way to Queenstown after watching some of the group do a bungee jump. This was 43m high and all I could think was I would be jumping 136m (Ben Nevis)

We got to our accommodation and then prepared for the skyline meal. It was a bit cloudy so we didn’t get the best views from the gondola but the meal was nice. As a backpacker when you have a buffet it is amazing.

The next day we woke up to get on a jet boat. Unfortunately the river was too high so the boat ride got rescheduled. Instead we made our way to a film location for Lord of the Rings.

Then it was time to make our way back in to town and the group split to do their own thing. I really wanted to go on a hike and was glad I had someone to go with. The Queenstown hike was amazing. You get to see Queenstown like never before. We managed to make our way there before the clouds took over and a few shots for Insta (thanks Amy).

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