Ben Nevis Bungy Jump 

I am an adrenaline junkie, I may have mentioned that a few times. Conquering the Ben Nevis bungy jump has been on my bucket list for years and d-day finally arrived.

We had breakfast and then made our way to AJ Hackett. For someone who loves heights the gondola was swaying a bit too much for my liking. It was freezing and this was it, we were going and there was only one way down.

Once we got to the base it was surreal, I looked down and couldn’t believe that I would be jumping.

I had to wait for a few people and then made my way over. I thought if I smile and laugh all the way through it would be fine. The crew were cheering me on and I didn’t even think about it 3,2,1 I went for it.

The adrenaline rush was amazing I loved it, it was so epic and I would say this is a must for everyone. When I made my way back up I laughed and we all were happy we had done this. I then went back to do normal things like my laundry ($10 whaaaaaat? In Asia I paid $2)

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