Fiji Island Hopping 

So I was meant to go back to the UK on the 23rd November. But a spontaneous decision in Auckland made me think why not just go to Fiji? I mean the flights from the UK cost atleast £1000. After some
encouragement from my friend Edders I decided to spend that evening booking a gizzilion flights and stressing about my budget. That was it I went past a stand and returned the next day to buy a Bula pass. 

I’m going to Fiji, it’s been on my list for years and it’s happening. That day I also booked The Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays and Melbourne and my return from Sydney! Whoooop, but a nice big dent in the bank balance. 

The memories would be worth it in the end. Moving on, I stayed in Nadi one night and then boarded my boat. I recommend researching and finding out departure times for everything as there is only one boat going to the islands. I had to rearrange my date because the travel agent at Kiwi Experience didn’t bother letting me know about that. That meant I wouldn’t be using my Bula pass for every night. 

When you have a Bula pass you book your accommodation on the ferry and then change the baggage tags. The first time round I found it stressful. Trying to get on the boat then finding my luggage then working out which island to stay at. I picked Waylalai as recommended by a friend. I knew nothing about it but it was the best island I stayed at. The people I met were amazing, the group on the island made it so much fun. We played beach volleyball, made anklets and visited a school village as it was the last of school for the term.

I then decided to go to the same resort as my new friend Ruth. (Korovu Navitu Island).

We reunited with the rest of the crew as they were staying at a resort 2 minutes down the beach. It was a good at atmosphere and your day is basically structured by the meals you have. All meals are included at most resorts, some you may have to pay extra for. 

The chef kindly made us a nice chocolate cake for dessert and we got to watch the most amazing sunset.  
The next morning after breakfast and lunch it was time to depart back to the mainland Nadi. My flight was the next day but Fiji time means punctuality is not one of their strengths. The people in Fiji are some of the nicest people I have every met. This trip did not disappoint I just wish Kiwi Experience had been a little bit more helpful. 

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