Fighting the Demons 

There are some demons I am fighting and want to continue fighting until I am ok with things. Life isn’t always great and sometimes things get the better of us. I was once someone who dreaded the idea of getting the train alone, or going to the city centre (I was like 9). 

Over the years I have managed to do a lot more than expected. There are some personal things I would like to conquer and even though it may take a lot longer I hope to achieve some personal goals in 2017. The next time I write about it maybe 6 months to a year, I would like to go into detail about how it happened and why, one day lol.

There will be times people will tell you that you can’t do something, you can! Others may spend way too much time trying to bring you down, it’s a reflection on them not you. Some of the best days I’ve had travelling has been with no access to the internet. There’s a whole world out there and sometimes all you need is time away from everything to realise what you need. 

You may feel broken or have felt let down by people but if anything it will push you to beyond your limits. It’s also ok if you can’t do something, or don’t want to, because at the end of the day we are only human and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that. What ever you’re going through or feeing remember progress is better than nothing! 

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