Travelling to Whitsundays 

Since travelling it’s safe to say I’m becoming a bit more lax. Another aeroplane another bus another boat, sunrise and sunsets and so on. Now don’t get me wrong I love it and will never take this for granted but I was becoming really tired on my journey to Whitsundays, maybe because I’ve not been well (bohoo). 

I watched out of the window and could hear a little boy behind me shouting look mummy you can see the sea, look at that boat, are those people down there? 
It was his first time on an aeroplane. I looked out and thought what a view to be capturing, so I ended up taking lots of pictures. The islands are just unreal. I got off the aeroplane at Hamilton Island Airport, transferred to Port Airlie via a boat then walked to my hostel YHA. You can book your travels online to save yourself the hassle when you are there. 

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