Whitehaven Beach 

I booked a tour to Whitehaven beach, voted Australia’s number one beach and making the top 10 in the world, it did not disappoint.

I walked down to Port Airlie and waited for the boat. It takes about an hour to get to Hamilton Island then you change vessels and back on a boat for half an hour.

We then got to Whitehaven beach and it looked stunning. If you only do an afternoon tour you’re not really allowed further out of the beach. There’s simply not enough time for a hike or exploring the land.

I basically laid on the beach and did absolutely nothing. I had my playlist on and that was it. Ofcourse I took pictures but it was very hot and I stayed in the shade. After a few hours our boat arrived and everyone got back on. They offered complimentary hot drinks and muffins with fruit. The day was over!

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