Top 5 Must Have Travel Apps

I’ve been on my travels for over three months and here are my top 5 apps. 

1. Currency converter 

This is great for working out how expensive something is. Especially in Asian countries where the zeros don’t end.


If you have a tendency to get lost then this app allows you to get directions without using any WiFi or Internet.

3. AirBnb 

If you are using AirBnb then the app is a lifesaver. You can message your host get directions and simply have everything in one place.

4. Google Drive 

Take a lot of pictures? Yup me too. Use this app to upload pictures so you have them saved without killing your storage.

5. Uber 

Need a ride but don’t want to use your cash? Yup Uber has one of the safest and easiest ways to travel. 

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