100 Days of Travelling

Well it’s official I’ve been on the road, from Island to city to overnight trains and dodgy boats it’s officially been 100 days. 
Wow I can’t believe it, I’ve gone from not enjoying my mornings to looking forward to each and everyday. I’ve learned that not everything will go to plan and that’s ok. Maybe not sleeping on a corridor, Military 1st backpacks breaking and not giving me the full refund and HSBC blocking me. But I won’t let that ruin my travels. 

I’ve found out what I don’t want to do and exactly who I don’t want to be. There have been times where things have got to me but I’ve learned to move on. Yes some days I’ve struggled but you get better. I hope to leave a lot of negativity in 2016. I hope 2017 is a top up and I can give myself so much to look forward to. 100 days of travelling, 100 days of happiness. 

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