The Great Ocean Road Part II 

So remember how I told you I went to The Great Ocean Road two years ago? Well lucky for me I get to go again. How? I hear you ask well, thanks to the amazing couple Brian and Julie I met on the Indochina tour, we took on a road trip. It was a great thing to do as this time I’d be staying. 

I really wanted to star gaze and be able to do a few of the hikes. We began our day by making our way to Apollo Bay. Luckily there was accommodation for us already. We had lunch and then went for three hikes. 

It was then time for us to make our way to the beach and star gaze. It was one of the most beautiful skies I had ever witnessed. The moon was also orange and I don’t think my pictures do it any justice.

The next morning we went on to The Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles. 
I was so excited to be there again and be able to explore everything in my own time. When you are on a tour you have to stick to time.

After that we walked to the Pier and watched the sunset. 

The next morning we had breakfast and started to make our way back. A huge thank you to Brian and Julie because without them I wouldn’t have been able to experience this. 

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