Melbourne 2016

My last day in Melbourne arrived and the weather was scorching hot. So Ange and I decided to explore the parts of the city I hadn’t seen. 

Coffee hopping as we called it was what we began with at Degraves. The lane ways are always thriving and you will always enjoy a nice cup of coffee. We chose Euro Lane Cafe (the irony). 

It was then time for Lygon Street and then we then headed for lunch at Vege Bar. I was so spoilt for choice and ended up choosing the Falafel wrap. 

Then we walked around the gardens and had a photoshoot session. We had worked up an appetite for Harajuku crepes. They were divine. We were really full and decided to go to Docklands. It reminded me a little of Clarence Dock in Leeds. It was then time to go back and enjoy a nice movie (The Freedom Writers) and indulge in more junk food.

The next morning it was time to depart Melbourne for Sydney. 

This is where I would be spending New Year before flying home.  I’m excited but nervous about how much it has all cost me.  

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