How was 2016

Well this year has been a roller coaster ride. I began 2016 assuming I’d love everything about this year. Wrong! The first 6 months were not the best. In fact I felt like I had to leave the country just to have a bit of a break. Apart from the snooker matches I went to and a few crepe dates, this was slowly becoming the worst year.

What to do?

One of my goals this year was to write atleast one positive thing about each day in a diary. It was simple things like someone saying something nice to the train arriving on time.

That diary had made a huge difference, I had to keep referring back to it, telling myself it’s not that bad, I still have X amount of things to be grateful for.
As I won’t be home for the New Year, my plan was to put all the notes into a jar and have a look on the New Years’ Eve. But after reading some of my blog posts you may have noticed plans do change and most of the time for the better.
If you ever feel like you could do with a bit of positivity in your life this has been an eye opener for me.
How has 2016 been for you?

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