Sydney Like a Tourist 

So with quite a few nights left in Sydney I tried to give myself things to do. I decided to watch the fireworks at Darling Harbour on Christmas Eve. They were amazing and gave me a taste of what to expect on the 31st.

As Christmas Day arrived I decided to go to Manly beach, so did half of Sydney. I was in a queue for 45 minutes before getting on the boat. It was weird being at a beach on Christmas. Even though I don’t celebrate I spend the day with my family. I could see everyone with their loved ones.

Unfortunately the next morning I woke up with the room spinning, vertigo. It was scary as I had never experienced this before. I had spent too much time in the sun and was dehydrated with lack of food. Not a fun way to spend your last week in the city. I had to visit three pharmacies and stay in bed. At this point I wanted to be home in bed. 

Lucky for me, I had bought tickets to watch cricket and be out in the sun for a couple of hours oops! 

It’s bittersweet that my adventure would be coming to and end soon. Am I ready for ‘reality’? 

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