Hello 2017

Can you believe it? We made it another year yay. As 2016 is behind us I’d only like to take the great memories and lessons I have learned. I want to make the most of this year. That means spending more time with family and close ones. Going on a few more adventures and some personal goals I’d like to make happen. 

It would be crazy to think that this year is just going to run smoothly. But I have learned to deal with things better. Anyone who no longer serves a purpose or has been too toxic can stay in 2016. I know it sounds harsh but I spent far too much time trying to work things out and overthinking. 

Let’s hope this is a positive and great year packed with lots of adventure! A huge thank you to everyone who takes time out to read my blog and send me lovely comments and likes. Cameratic continues because of your love so thank you. 

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