New Year in Sydney

Well, as the 30th of December arrived I knew I’d have to prepare for New Year’s Eve. As I would be going to a free event I’d have to arrive by 6am. That means all my meals and snacks would have to be purchased beforehand. 

I spent the morning doing my last bit of laundry before coming home. I saw this as a little treat for myself. There was also limited room on my phone for pictures so I went ahead and deleted a lot. I mean I backed them up but let’s just say this was an admin day. 
I prepared a shopping list and off I went. It’s annoying when you are ill but I did my best to get some rest and take the necessary tablets. 

I tried to get an early night, but that’s difficult when you are sharing with 5 other people. I set my alarm for 5am and off I went. I got all my stuff and went to queue up. There was already a lot of people there. We waited till 10am when we were allowed in. I then ran to my spot and sat there.
Within a couple of hours it became so packed and busy. I really didn’t know how to spend my time other than just waiting it out. The first bit of entertainment began at 6pm, an air display. Throughout the evening there was more entertainment to lead up to the fireworks at midnight. 

It’s crazy to think I spend most of my life at home on New Year’s Eve, I get to see 2017 in Sydney. Sometimes the things you look at in pictures and on TV can happen, if you let it. 

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