Flying back to the UK

For my final day in Sydney I met up with a friend who I initially toured with in Japan. We went for pancakes and walked around the city for one last day (well for me anyway). 

It’s bittersweet coming back to the UK, the people you meet and have to leave behind, the special moments and the luxury of exploring whenever you want. In all honesty I was ready, ready for my own space again and not having to worry about where my next meal was going to come from. 

I tried to get an early night for a 6am flight. I got off my bunk bed at 1am and checked and rolled into the Uber. I was at the airport for 2am but in Sydney the airport opens at 3am (make note of that). Once I checked in my baggage and after 3 hours got on the plane…delayed! There was a technical issue which meant we were delayed by an hour. Not what you want to hear for a 14 hour flight ahead of you. 

My connection time was 1hour and 20 minutes. So ofcourse I missed that flight by 6 minutes, even watched it take off whilst I was on the first plane. 

There were a lot of frustrated customers but Emirates shipped us off to a hotel and rescheduled us on to a 3am flight. I then got to hotel and had to queue again. I was getting annoyed with all the queues and just wanted my bed. 

I made new friends which eased the pain. My plan was to nap, eat and then sleep again. I woke up at 11pm and had dinner for 11.30pm there was no point sleeping after as I had to be at the airport for 12.30am. Well, finally made it to plane number 25. 

I wanted to surprise my mum and was looking forward to making it back in the evening so I could adjust to the timezone better. Oh well…blessing in disguise as I did get a bit of sleep. 

My sister-in-law, niece and nephew picked me up from the train station and I managed to surprise my mum. I’m home for now, until my next adventure! 

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